Haggis Pizza

23 May 2013

Yesterday, the husband requested haggis pizza for dinner, a recipe that has quickly become a favourite in our household. Background to this is that we tend to bulk buy tins of haggis when we’re in Scotland, which then languish away in our larder, and while the Grant’s stuff isn’t too bad, it’s no where near as nice as, say, a fresh Macsween’s  – but it works really well as a pizza topping! 


There’s not really much of a recipe to go with it. We use a gluten free pizza base from our local health food store, which you mix yourself and just add water and some olive oil. Once you have made the dough, roll it out on to a baking sheet and spread a tube of tomato puree on top with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle over aprox. 200g of grated cheese (we’re really lazy and tend to buy a bag of ready grated “pizza cheese”). Then heat up the tinned haggis in the microwave for 5 minutes, spread on top of your pizza, and bake in the oven according to instructions (ours was 20 minutes at 225°C). 


And enjoy! Turns out the boy is a big fan of haggis too. Good wee Scottish lad – in the mornings he asks for porridge :) By the way, we did have big bowls of salad to go with the pizza, which balanced out the lack of vegetables a bit. 

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