Easter Egg Christmas Tree

27 March 2013

Speaking of decorating Easter eggs (see yesterday’s post), another German custom that you don’t really find in Scotland is decorating blown out eggs an hanging them on branches in a vase. I posted a tutorial last year on how to make your own.


But not only do people hang eggs in vases in their kitchens or living rooms, you can also find Easter eggs hanging on trees and bushes outside people’s houses, though it doesn’t seem to be as prevalent in Berlin as in the Rhineland where my parents live (or perhaps that’s just because we live in a more urban area where people don’t have front gardens). Since real, blown out eggs are very fragile, some clever person came up with the idea of plastic eggs, usually coloured or pre-decorated, to hang outside instead, which you can now find everywhere.

The boy’s nursery has taken things one step further, by decorating their “Christmas tree” with plastic eggs. Well, okay, so it’s only a Christmas tree if it’s got Christmas decorations on it, but try telling that to a two year old. He’s adamant it’s a Christmas tree – which now has Easter eggs on it! 


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