What’s In Your Bag?

28 February 2013

A couple of years ago, I co-ordinated an online project at National Museums Scotland called “What’s In Your Bag?”. To coincide with a new exhibition about commercial passenger travel, we asked people to share what they carried in their bags. Then today, on one of my favourite blogs I read at the moment, Okka from Slomo was sharing what was in her bag and asking if anyone else was up for sharing too. I was reminded of the “What’s In Your Bag?” project and thought, why not? So, here is, quite randomly, what I’ve been carrying in my bag today:


Because I walk to work, and almost everywhere else, I usually carry a backpack around with me because it’s more comfortable and better for my back. So a while ago I treated myself to a new stylish one instead of the old hiking backpack I was using. Inside are:

  • A foldable umbrella. It’s an old one I picked up in a charity shop and it’s a nightmare to fold back down once its open. I used to have a lovely lightweight one from Muji but it broke :-(
  • My diary & notebook from Roterfaden, with a Muji pen.
  • A Berlin city guide brochure on museums (of course^^).
  • A book. I always carry a book with me. At the moment I’m reading “How do you tuck in a superhero?” by Rachel Balducci.
  • My iPhone (when it’s not in my pocket).
  • My Kath Kidson purse. A treat to myself just after the boy was born.
  • Tissues, an inhaler, wipes for my glasses, hand cream and lip balm to get me through the winter weather.
  • Clinique Chubby Stick.
  • Cough lozenges (left over from my cough that turned into Bronchitis).
  • A balloon. Don’t ask.
  • My keys – with ‘Hart to Hart’ key ring ;-)
  • Dental floss. I can’t stand getting anything stuck in my teeth, so I always carry some in my bag.
  • My super warm Icelandic mittens. Usually they’d be next to my hat and coat after coming home, but it wasn’t actually that cold today so they landed in my bag instead.

So, what’s in your bag?

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