Quick Tip: DIY Fridge Magnet Pen Holder

22 January 2012

As an expat family, we typically like to surround ourselves with mementos of whatever country we currently happen to not be in, and so I’ve been trying to think of a way to re-use my empty and ever so cute Coleman’s Mustard Tins.

Since I’m constantly misplacing the pen I keep in the kitchen to label food items, I thought a Coleman’s tin would make the perfect size for a little pen holder. But I didn’t really want to clutter up our limited workspace any more than necessary, so I had to idea to buy a magnetic sheet at the DIY store to turn the tin into a fridge magnet. It’s really so easy, there’s no tutorial necessary – just cut out a piece of the magnetic sheet to fit the back of your tin and stick it on with super glue.

Voila! One miniature pen holder in British expat memento style to stick on the fridge. Now I’ll always have my waterproof pen at hand if I need to label and open food packages or leftovers.

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