{DIY} Honey & Oatmeal Soap Scrub

12 December 2012

This year, I decided we would be having a home made Christmas, i.e. all the main gifts would be hand made (except for books). I’ve been having great fun coming up with ideas and making the gifts, but since many of the recipients read this blog I’ll be waiting until after Christmas to share most of the ideas (perhaps you can use them as inspirations for birthdays coming up, or for next Christmas^^). 

A while ago I received a soap making kit, which I’d hardly used, so I decided it would make the perfect start to my home made gift endeavours.


The kit came with a large block of melt and pour soap base, some essentials oils and dried flowers, and a couple of moulds. The oils and the flowers smelled awful, and the moulds were tiny, so I decided to give it my own spin on things. 

I decided instead to make some honey and oatmeal scrub bars, and after consulting the internet settled on 2 tablespoons of clear honey and 1/4 cup of oatmeal for 500g of soap base. I melted the base according to the instructions, along with the honey, and added the oatmeal in at the end. Instead of the tiny moulds I used a baking tin lined with cling film. As I half expected, the oatmeal all sunk to the bottom, but I think it actually looks nice with the two layers.


Once you’ve poured the soap, you leave it to cool for about an hour, then stick it in the fridge (covered in cling film to avoid cross contamination with your food) until it’s fully set. Then I was able to lift it out the tin, peel off the cling film, and cut it into generous chunks. Last step was to wrap it in grease proof paper and add some pretty packaging. 

You can buy melt and pour soap base online or in major craft stores.

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