Pixar Cars Birthday Party

12 November 2012

So, how do you celebrate the birthday of a little boy who is mad for cars? A Pixar Cars themed party seemed an obvious choice. I didn’t want to go too over the top, he’s only two after all and there were just a handful of friends coming for afternoon tea, but we did end up the evening before hand making a couple of decorations to make the day special.

We’d set the birthday table with all presents wrapped in red and white, paper streamers, and his cake with a big number 2. There were a couple of Cars balloons tied to his chair, and a paper bunting strung across the window. 

To make the bunting, I created a checker-board pattern in Photoshop and printed it out on printer paper at home. I also created some red circles with a number 2 in the middle, and found a picture of Lightning McQueen online which I also made into a circular image using Photoshop. The husband and I cut out diamond shapes from the checker-board paper, folded the top over and glued it down to create triangles, and strung them up. We then alternated sticking on the number 2 and Cars pictures.

For the cake (see recipe from last year), we created a miniature bunting by folding a checker-board sheet in half, cutting out double-sided triangles along the fold, and hanging them on some string tied between two kebab sticks. Another picture of Lightning McQueen and the candle completed the look.

Here’s the boy blowing out the candle on his cake…

…and here he is very excited having just spotted the rest of the Cars decorations^^

For the party in the afternoon, we cranked up the Cars factor a bit more. The cake still took centre stage, but we added a plate of banana muffins decorated with miniature Cars left over from some Kinder Surprise Eggs, and some hand made cake toppers.

For the toppers I found some more images of Cars characters online and edited them into circles in Photoshop. I then cut out two circles per topper, taped a toothpick on to the back of one, and stuck another on top. 

We also had some themed napkins, which I’d picked up in a store a couple of weeks ago and bought in foresight, as well as colouring sheets that I’d found online and printed off to keep the kids occupied. For party goody bags, I teamed up some Cars notebooks and crayons from the 1 Euro store (sold in packs of four) with packs of healthy raisin snacks and bottles of soap bubbles. Each kid got a little bag and a bottle of bubbles to take home (and for the adults I had some more bags with slightly less healthy sweets inside^^). 

Here’s the final party table, including some Cars toys the boy had received as presents. All in all, the day was a success. I’m never sure how much a two year old takes on board, but the Cars theme definitely went down well. Here’s one happy little boy playing with his presents – and sporting some matching Cars leg wear too!

(Please note that while you are welcome to copy the ideas for how to make your own paper bunting or cake toppers, I haven’t included any more detailed tutorials or templates as Disney Pixar Cars is a copyrighted trademark. You can find, download and cut out relevant pictures on the internet for personal use, but please be careful and think twice before producing anything with trademarked characters to distribute to others.)

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