sisterMAG Issue 3

6 August 2012

Somehow I seem to have forgotten to mention sisterMAG on this blog. I was sure I had, but keeping two different blogs seems to have gotten me confused a little. Anyway, sisterMAG is a new digital magazine launched in February for the versatilely interested and active woman of today. Besides popular women’s mag topics such as fashion and lifestyle, you’ll also find features e.g. on food, travel, DIY, careers, culture and technology. sisterMAG is the brainchild of Toni and Thea, who also happen to be sisters, who wanted to “create a community of ambitious and individual women, who want to inspire and help each other and just enjoy each others company – whether it is in the digital or analogue world”.

I was privileged enough to contribute to the culture section of the launch issue with an article on Adopt-a-Museum. Well, this past weekend sisterMAG Issue 3 came out, and I am thrilled to have once again been asked to contribute. This time I get to take you on a tour of ten of the most unusual museums I have visited around the world, on a gorgeous five page spread*:

So, check out sisterMAG Issue 3 on (available in both English and German) and come with me on a museum tour around the world, from the obvious candidates – Scotland and Germany – to other European destinations, including Austria, Croatia, Iceland, Italy and Spain, more far away places, including the USA and Japan, and a Dutch airport. You’ll hear aboute everything from sausages and fire engines, to parasites and espionage!


*  By the way, the photographs in the article that aren’t credited to anyone else were all taken by me. The photographs in this blog post are screenshots of the English issue of sisterMAG 3.

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