Quick Tip: Spaghetti Holder

28 August 2012

Do you ever have that problem of open spaghetti packets falling over in your pantry and ending up with spaghetti everywhere? Unlike other bags of pasta, which you can just roll up once they’re half empty, spaghetti packets are always a bit awkward. Then I discovered that the XXL tub of Pringles are just the same length as spaghetti. Problem solved!

It’s almost too easy to need a tutorial, but here are the steps to make your very own recycled spaghetti holder:

You need

  • an XXL tub of Pringles
  • an A3 sheet of paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • double sided sticky tape

Step 1: Eat the Pringles ;-)

Step 2: Cut the sheet of paper to size (I just trimmed off the extra length and let the rest overlap itself). Stick a strip of double sided sticky tape at each end of the paper. Roll the tub in the paper and smooth it down.

That’s it already! See, I told you it was simple. By the way, I had my budding young artist decorate the paper for me beforehand. Or you could use coloured paper instead if you like. Now you just need to insert your spaghetti and pop on the lid.

Step 3 (optional): I used my label maker to label my new spaghetti holder. Not that that was necessary, it’s pretty obvious from the shape what’s inside. But, you know, I love my label maker^^

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