Blog Birthday: 1 Year Old Today!

20 August 2012

Wow, I can hardly believe it, but this little blog is celebrating its first birthday today. That also means we have been in Berlin for one whole year now, as I started it the day we arrived. To mark the occasion, I’ve picked 10 of my favourite Berlin moments from the past year to share with you.

Before we moved to Berlin, I’d never been there before, not even on holiday. One of the first things we did was visit the Reichstag, which houses the German government. It’s very popular with tourists, but if you are from Germany and have never visited the capital of your own country before, it’s also quite exciting.

Another one of the first things I did, within one week of arriving in Berlin, was to attend the “Lange Nacht der Museen”, the famous long night of museums. It was chucking down with rain all night, but still loads of fun and a great introduction to the city’s museum landscape. The event takes place on the last Saturday in January and in August each year.

In October we spent a family day at the races, at a horse and cart racing track to the south of where we live, courtesy of the Currywurst Museum where we had won some free tickets in a prize draw. We even got to meet Qwoo, the museum’s mascot.

Also in October was Berlin’s Festival of Lights. My sister and her boyfriend were visiting, and we went on a night time tour of the city to see some of the illuminations. Here’s Berlin Cathedral looking quite awesome.

In November, this little munchkin turned one year old and learned to walk, all within a couple of weeks of each other. A few weeks later he started nursery. Lots of big changes.

This picture is symbolic for all of Christmas. I love Christmas (who doesn’t?), and Germans do Christmas particularly well. It was so lovely to spend a full Christmas, with the Advent build up and all, in Germany again. And Berlin has some very lovely Christmas markets too.

We’d been promised sub zero temperatures and piles of snow, but winter took its time to come. When it finally hit town in early February, we were enraptured (we walk everywhere, so the inevitable traffic chaos didn’t really affect us). The frozen snow covered river near out house looked particularly pretty. 

In Spring I interviewed for a job at the National Museums in Berlin – and got it! Since May I have now been working there part time as Web 2.0 Officer or, as the husband puts it, I get paid to surf around on Facebook all day^^ (that last bit isn’t true, of course, there’s more to my job than that and it’s a great opportunity for me to continue my museum career here in Germany).

Also in May I attended The Hive, the first European Conference for bloggers, which was taking place here in Berlin. I met lots of lovely people, both people whose blogs I’d been following for a while and lots of great new acquaintances too, as well as picking up some great tips for The Ex-Expat and my Museum Diary blog.

We love to have parties, and in Edinburgh we were quite known for it. We had to build up our parties here slowly, as we didn’t know that many people to invite at first, but we still managed to squeeze in a few over the year. My favourite one was our Jubilee Party in June to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. If we’d been back in Edinburgh, we probably wouldn’t have bothered, but we went all out on the expat factor.

Thanks for being my readers over the past year, I hope you will continue to drop by. Here’s to another great year on the blog, many more great moments in Berlin, and lots of great parties^^

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