{DIY} Window Color Bathroom Fish

23 July 2012

Our bathroom isn’t particularly big, so we try not too clutter it up too much. But I wanted to give it a bit of decoration. We have a fun shower curtain with brightly coloured fish which we had to trim to the right length, and I was wondering what I could do with the scraps I cut off.

I rummaged through my craft box, and discovered an old box of window color paints. Do you know them? You paint a picture which, after is has dried, can be stuck on to windows as a stained glass effect. Our bathroom doesn’t have any windows, but I had the idea to use the scraps of curtain as templates to make some fish for our bathroom wall tiles. 

What you will need:

  • a template
  • a clear sheet of smooth plastic
  • some stick tape
  • window colour outline paint 
  • window colour filler paint(s)

Step 1: Prepare your template – for me that meant cutting out my favourite fish :-)

Step 2: Put your clear plastic sheet on top of your template and use the sticky tape to fix it in place. My box of paints actually came with a plastic sheet, but you can use one of those clear plastic document pockets. Just make sure it’s not a textured one.

Step 3: Use your outline paint to go over all the outlines of your template. You can add as many details as you like on the inside (the filler paint will hold it all together), just make sure there are no gaps in your outer outlines, otherwise the filler paint will leak out.

Step 4: Wait for 2 hours for the outline paint to dry. Boring, I know. Just wait until you get to the drying time for the filler paint ;-)

Step 5: Use your filler paint to colour in your template (it’s not actually called filler paint on the bottles, it’s just called window color, i.e. the one that’s not the outline paint). Make sure you colour right the way up to the outline paint. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the filler paint goes over the outline paint a little – you can see it here on the details around the fins – as it will dry translucent and you won’t notice. In fact, it’s better to make sure there are not gaps when the paint dries as it contracts a little. You can use different colours in the same area if you want, but remember they’ll bleed into another. Unless you wait for them to dry in between, but I’m not a particularly patient person – remember what I said about the waiting time… I did colour in the whole fish, by the way, I just took a picture half way to show you the process ;-)

Step 6: Wait for 24 hours for the filler paint to dry. I told you it was a long wait!

After 24 hours, the filler paint will have dried translucent. Don’t panic if it changes shade of colour a little, e.g. the green above went much darker.

Step 7: Carefully peel your dried window color pictures off the plastic backing (gently does it so you don’t rip it) and affix to your bathroom tiles. Finished!

Here’s the same bathroom scene again, this time with our new fishy friends in place. The boy was really excited when he first came in and spotted them. 

I made fish in four different colours in total – green, blue, red and yellow. What I found was that the red and the yellow worked really well (so I made two more in those colours), but the green and the blue were very dark without the translucent effect you get if you’re actually using these on a window. It’s not just the lighting, they really do look that dark, so if you’re using this idea for your bathroom I’d advise using very light colours.

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