{DIY} Tape Measure Headband

30 July 2012

You may remember my review of the Tatty Devine jewellery making book a couple of months ago, where I’d tried out the DIY tape measure rosette idea. Well, I ended up making about half a dozen of them, but what to do with the left over scraps of tape measure? Make some tape measure headbands!

You will need:

  • a scrap of tape measure to fit at least 3/4 of the way round your head (mine was 42cm)
  • elastic tape the same width as your tape measure (mine was 2cm wide)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • textile glue
  • satin tape about 1.5 to 2 cm wide
  • 2 clothes pegs (not pictured, as I only realised half way through these would be useful^^)

Step 1: Cut a strip of the elastic band to join the ends of your tape measure together. You should cut this a bit longer than you think you’ll need, as you’ll be doing some overlapping when you sew everything together. I cut mine to be 20cm, to give myself enough length to measure round my head, and the final length after sewing and trimming was about 14cm. 

Step 2: Overlap your tape measure with one end of the elastic tape. Make sure they’re lying flat against each other – I tried different ways, but this was the best to avoid any bumps digging in to your head! Technically your headband can be reversible, but one side will be neater than the other, so decide which one you want as your outer side (i.e. the side that will be showing when you wear it) and overlap it as shown above.

Step 3: Sew the tape measure in to place on the outer side. Don’t sew too close to the edge or pull to hard on the thread, otherwise it can actually cut through the plastic of the tape measure. You don’t need to sew the other side in to place.

Step 4: But, of course, you do need to sew the other end in to place. For this, remember to measure around your head first. Just wrap what you’ve sewn so far around your head, hold the elastic band and tape measure in place where they meet, then make it about half a centimetre shorter to give it a bit of tension. Once you’ve sewn the other end, it should look something like above.

Step: Technically your headband is ready now, but the seams don’t look very nice, so we’re going to cover them with the satin band. Cut two strips, about 10cm long each (one for each side). Cover one side of the satin band with the textile glue, then wrap it twice around the seams where the tape measure meets the elastic band, making sure that the ends are on the backside, i.e. the side you won’t see when you’re wearing it. Now, this is where the clothes pegs come in handy. Clip one on each glued bit and keep it there until dry. Then remove the clothes pegs and, voila! Your headband is finished.

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