{DIY} Wall Art: Counting Sheep

11 June 2012

Today I wanted to share with you a cute DIY idea from our last flat, in Scotland. Before the husband moved in with me (at that time he was still the boyfriend^^), my bedroom walls were a pale pinkish-purple colour (‘Himalayan Musk’, apparently). We decided to repaint the bedroom in a more neutral and calming green. Then the husband had the idea to add some wall art above the bed, and came up with this counting sheep scene:

For the sheep he used a stencil, and then he painted the grass and the counting blocks on free hand. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture showing the whole thing in situ above the bed, as I never thought to photograph it until last minute when all our furniture had already been packed up and I was taking some goodbye shots of the empty flat.

As a fun feature, we also added some stray sheep around the rest of the room, e.g. at the end of the book shelf.

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