{Jubilee Week} DIY Bunting

28 May 2012

This coming weekend is Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. If we were still back in Edinburgh, we probably wouldn’t be giving it another thought. But being over here in Berlin, expat fever has hit us, so we’ve decided to gather all our friends (British and others alike) for a Jubilee Party. Of course, the occasion calls for some baking, making and the like – the British the better – so I’ve lined up some fab DIY and recipe posts to share with you. First up, is a quick tutorial on how to make your own bunting, because you can’t have an afternoon tea party without one.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some fabric of your choice (For the jubilee bunting I used red, white and blue. I did briefly consider embellishing them with ribbons to make Union Flags, but I thought keeping them plain would make them more versatile to reuse in future).
  • Some bias binding (mine was 2.5 metres, but just use a length to suit your space)
  • Thread and pins
  • Pinking shears (for cutting fabric with a zigzag edge)
  • Paper scissors (never use your fabric scissors to cut paper as it will blunten them!)
  • Some cardboard, a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler

You’ll also need a sewing machine and an iron.

First of all you need to make your bunting template. Fold your sheet of paper in half length ways. Mark out 18cm from the top down along the folded edge, and 8cm along the top edge. Use your ruler to draw a line connecting the two marks, cut out and unfold – voila! A perfect triangle.

To transfer your template to your fabric, it’s better to have something more study to draw around, so trace around your paper template onto your cardboard and cut that out. You’re ready to go!

With your pencil, draw around the template on to your fabric. I made 6 triangles of each colour, i.e. 18 in total (though I only ended up using 17 to give myself more space at the ends for hanging the whole thing up).

Cut out your triangle with the pinking shears and give them all a quick iron.

Don’t out away the iron yet – need to fold your bias binding in half and iron it to keep it in place.

Next, pin your triangles in place, and remember to leave a bit of bias binding at each end for hanging up your bunting (I left about 10cm each).

Sew along the bias binding to fix the triangles in place. I also folded over the end of the bias binding and sewed them in place to make a loop at each end.

Hang up your bunting and get the party started!

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