The Museum Saves the Day

This morning we awoke to lashings of sleet battering our window. Definitely not ‘nice enough’ for the swing park today. But we’d also been planning to test out the newly refurbished and re-opened Commonwealth Pool, which seemed perfect for a day like this. First though, a quick trip to the doctor to get the boy’s cough checked out, which he’s had on and off all through winter but had been getting progressively worse over the past week. The trip resulted in antibiotics for the boy to ward off the onset of a lung infection, and swimming is off the agenda. Strict doctor’s orders. We were quickly running out of options for entertaining a toddler who, despite his rattling cough, is full of beans. Leave it to the National Museum of Scotland to save the day. The boy greeted the Imagine gallery like a long lost friend, running from one activity to the next waving his hands about in sheer excitement. And since our last visit he’s become a lot more mobile and more inquisitive, so there were lots of new things to investigate too. We also checked out Adventure Planet, another hands-on gallery where you can do such fun things as crawl through a hollow tree or dig up a dinosaur skeleton, where we bumped into our old neighbours with their kids – seems like the museum really was the place to be today.

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