Pizza 4 Ways

27 April 2012

I love home made pizza, and not just because my wheat intolerance prevents me from buying ready made pizza. Ever since I discovered a really good gluten free pizza dough mix at a health food store in our district (the brand is called ‘Bauckhof’ and the store is “LPG Biomarkt” on Mehringdamm), I’ve been making pizza more often. But usually I always make our same favourite topping – ham and pineapple. Last week I decided to be a bit more adventurous and conjured up a Friday feast with four different pizza toppings, which I wanted to share with you as inspiration for your own pizza experiments:

I really couldn’t decide which was my favourite. The husband liked the tuna and sweetcorn the best. Tuna and sweetcorn also found favour with the boy, as did the ham and mushroom. For me it was probably a tie between the spinach and feta cheese, and the sauerkraut and salami. What are your favourite pizza toppings?

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