{DIY} Egg Tree for Easter

2 April 2012

Are you as excited as I am that it’s almost Easter? Eggs everywhere, hard boiled, chocolate, hidden, rolled, in trees… What’s that? In trees? Really? Yes, here in Germany, people like to decorate the trees and bushes in their front gardens with coloured Easter eggs (‘egg trees’, as the husband calls them). You can buy bags of plastic Easter eggs for just this purpose in almost every other shop in the weeks leading up to Easter. Here’s a very colourful tree in the town of Lennep:

While it makes sense to use sturdy plastic eggs outside, where they’ll be battered by the elements (at the weekend we had a freak hail shower in Berlin!), it’s also fun to make some yourself to hang in a vase filled with Spring branches in your kitchen or living room. When we were younger, my mum used to do an Easter activity with us where we’d blow out eggs and then paint them. Here’s how you do it:

You will need

  • a box of eggs (obviously) – I was really pleased that they have white eggs here, as they’re much prettier to paint, in Edinburgh we only ever had brown eggs
  • paints – I used acryclic
  • paint brush
  • a container for mixing paints – I used an old plastic egg carton
  • some narrow ribbon – mine was 3mm wide
  • a thick needle
  • some (wooden) beads

First of all you need to blow out your eggs, i.e. get rid of what’s inside. The way we used to do it with my mum is to make two holes in your egg with the needle (one hole at either end), and then very carefully blow into one so that the insides of your egg come out the other. You have to be very patient and gentle, otherwise the egg will break, especially when the yolk is straining to get out. I discovered a very cool gadget in a shop here in Berlin called “Blas-Fix”, which translates as “blow-quick”.

At first I thought it was one of these unnecessary kitchen tools, but I decided to give it a try anyway and wow, not a single broken egg and really quick too. But if you don’t have one, my mum’s method will work too. Once you’re done, gently wash the eggs and leave them to dry. Then you’re ready to get creative.

  1. Here’s a picture of the eggs, ready to start, just to show you roughly how big I made the holes. Although you only need one hole with the ‘Blas-Fix’, I still made two to thread my ribbon through later.
  2. First I had to get rid of the printed codes on the eggs to have a blank canvass to paint on…
  3. …so I used some white acrylic paint to paint over them.
  4. Once the white paint was dry, I painted my design. Well, I say design, I’m not very good at drawing, so I stuck to something safe like coloured dots^^
  5. Once all that paint was dry too, I gently threaded my ribbon through the eggs (I used ca. 35cm ribbon per egg). It was a bit tricky, as the needle was just shorter than the egg, but the technique that worked in the end was the push the needle all the way in, then gently jiggle the egg about until the point of the needle peeked out the bottom hole. Then I was able to pull it through.
  6. The last thing to do was thread a wooden bead on to the ends of the ribbon and tie a knot to keep them in place. I used a different coloured bead for each egg.

Now all you need to do is buy a couple of nice branches (or if you don’t live in the middle of a big city like me, go out and collect some), stick them in a vase, and hang your eggs on them. We have ours on the sitting room window sill – don’t they look pretty?

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