{DIY} Deluxe Paper Napkin Flowers

27 March 2012

So, have you all been busy practising your paper napkin flowers ;-) As promised, here is the tutorial for a deluxe version. I experimented a little with different options for making different coloured centres for the flowers and making everything a bit more neat and secure, and found that this was the one I liked best:

  1. You’ll need two napkins, one large and one small, in two different sizes. IKEA does a good range of both large and small napkins with changing designs. I tend to pick up a couple of packs of plain napkins any time I’m there if they have nice colours. The smaller napkin will be the centre of your flower. You’ll also need a pair of scissors and some sturdy-ish wire.
  2. As before with the basic paper napkins, you’ll need to fold the napkins in half then cut off the folded edge (using scissors makes it a lot neater than tearing it off). Do this for both napkins.
  3. Take the smaller napkin and cut fringes along both of the longer sides, then place it on top of the larger napkin, like so.
  4. Fold your napkins back and forth concertina style, just like for the basic flower version, except that this time you have the extra napkin being folded in with it. Once you’ve finished folding, it should look something like this. 
  5. Cut a piece of wire and twist it around the centre of your concertina napkins (in the basic version I’d used the torn off edge to tie the napkin in place, but the wire makes it a little more secure and less likely to tear, especially with the extra layers making it thicker). Not that, unlike before where it didn’t matter which side you tide it on, you now have a top side (the side your middle napkin is showing) and a bottom. Make sure to twist your wire on the bottom side.
  6. With your scissors, round off the ends of the concertina napkin. This will make it look more like petals…
  7. …as demonstrated in this picture.
  8. Next, you’ll need to gently pull out the fringes of the middle napkin to make the centre of your flower. 
  9. Finally, separate the individual layers of your napkin (as before with the basic version, you should have six layers), gently pulling them towards the middle and fluffing everything up at the end. And remember to be patients with the fiddly bits.
  10. You can use different colour combinations to make a whole variety of flowers – doesn’t it look pretty?

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