{DIY} Basic Paper Napkin Flowers

26 March 2012

With Spring in full swing, I’m in the mood for flowers both inside the house and out. But as we’re heading off on holiday soon, I need some that are a bit longer lasting and don’t require daily fresh water. Which reminded me of the paper napkin flowers I used to make. They’re really easy, as all you need is a 3-ply paper napkin, no other tools or materials required – which also makes it a great way to pass the time at boring dinner parties^^). But as well as being a great way to stave off boredom, paper napkin flowers also make lovely decorations. So, if you want to fill your house with low maintenance blossoms, here’s how:

  1. All you need is a simple, 3-ply paper napkin.
  2. With the napkin folded once in half, carefully tear along the folded edge. Don’t throw the torn of strip away, you’ll need it in a few moments.
  3. Starting at the narrow end, start folding your napkin back and forth concertina style. Here’s the first step to show the approximate width of your folds…
  4. …and here’s the concertina starting to take shape.
  5. When you’ve folded your napkin all the way to the end, it should look something like this.
  6. Now, use the strip that you tore off at the beginning to tie your folded napkin in place. I usually tie a careful double knot, then tear off the ends to neaten it up.
  7. Now for the fiddly bit – carefully start pulling each individual layer of the napkin apart…
  8. …and towards the centre. Take your time and don’t rush, as it tears easily. You should have six layers (3 ply x 2 as you folded the napkin in half).
  9. Here’s half the flower done. Now for the others side. The side that has the embossed edge that most napkins have will be tricker to do, as the plys tend to stick together more because of the embossing, but don’t give up. 
  10. Once you’ve finished pulling apart the layers on the other side, fluff everything up a little and voila! You’ve made a paper napkin flower.

Now no one’s napkin will be safe from you any longer – party guests will be dabbing away at themselves with flowers instead^^ As I said, this is a really quick and easy may to make paper flowers in the spur of the moment, but tomorrow I’ll show you how to make a more deluxe version when you’ve planned ahead and have more materials to hand (which probably wouldn’t be in the middle of a party).

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