{DIY} Hand made Christmas tree

I didn’t quite succeed with all the things on my weekend list (no gingerbread house and no Christmas movie), but I did manage to make a Christmas tree. Yes, that’s right, make! Due to the boy’s tendency to pull out, pull down or pull apart anything decorative, and having witnessed his hands-on approach to the airport Christmas trees during our recent trip to Edinburgh, we thought it best to skip getting a tree this year as I’m not sure it would survive even a day. But Christmas without a Christmas tree? I had to find an alternative solution. So, I just painted a tree (luckily my limited drawing skills could stretch to this^^).

I’ve decided to ask everyone’s help in decorating it – a crowdsourced Christmas tree, so to speak – my sending me in baubles they have drawn. You can read all about how to take part over on my museum blog.

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