Museum-y Birthday

29 September 2011

So, I had a great birthday yesterday. The husband gave me an iPad (best husband ever or what?) and my mum cooked a really lovely meal for everyone in the evening. But the best part of the day had to be my visit to the Currywurst Museum, which was my brother’s gift to me.

It was on my list of must visit museums in Berlin, and it’s actually quite educational in terms of learning about fast food culture and history. I’d mentioned on Twitter that we were going, and they had a wee gift waiting for me at the ticket counter (a tin of curry powder, which is a great present for a keen cook like me), which I thought was really sweet of them. The museum is very interactive, with things to read, listen, watch, play and even smell! All the interpretation is in English too, and they have a fun trail for younger visitors. I’d definitely recommend it, and at the end of your visit you even get to try some Currywurst.

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