Back from our epic road trip

26 September 2011

We’re back in Berlin after our epic road trip, which went much smoother than I expected. Zagreb was interesting, especially the Museum of Broken Relationships*, although our accommodation was a bit of a shock – we thought we were renting a three bedroom apartment, but it turns out we were renting a three room apartment, three rooms including the bathroom and kitchen! So we all had to sleep in the same room, which was a bit like camping in a big tent, minus the tent. We managed though.

The conference itself went well, and I got to show off the boy. Naturally, he had everyone fawning over him, wee charmer that he is. Here’s him and me posing in front of the conference poster (photo taken by my dad):

Vienna was great too (and so accessible – ALL their underground stations have a lift!), and I discovered that one of my all time favourite movies, The Third Man, has it’s very own museum. Apparently it’s the only one worldwide dedicated to a single movie. I’ll be writing up our visit for my museum blog when I get the chance.

My parents are now staying with us here in Berlin for a few days, and my brother is arriving tomorrow too, so that we can all celebrate my birthday together. I can’t remember the last time I had so much family around me on my birthday (only my sister missing), so it’s nice to be able to do this. Sure, they’re all the way on the other side of the country and in terms of travel time it’s about the same for them to drive or take the train to Berlin as it is to fly to Edinburgh, but you can be much more spontaneous – no planning ahead long in advance to get the cheapest fights etc. There are definitely advantages to living in the same country again.


* (Edit 27/09/2011: You can now see some pictures and read a full account of my visit to the Museum of Broken Relationships on my museum blog.)

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